Safe PC Clean

Safe PC Clean application cleans the personal activity in the user's PC, It has been designed to clean the Run history, Recent open document, search history, Microsoft office recently opened file links, and also clean cache, bookmarks, favorites, history in various Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.

Safe PC Clean

Key Features:

  • Securely cleans your Temporary unwanted data.

  • It cleans up Recycle Bin files, Thumbnail view database.

  • It cleans up Broken shortcuts, Log entries and Chkdsk files.

  • It cleans up your privacy data like Clipboard area, Run history.

  • It cleans up Recent Documents history, Recent Wallpaper history.

  • It cleans up Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint application’s recently opened files history.

  • It cleans up Paint brush, WordPad, Media player’s recently opened files history.

  • It cleans up Internet Explorer settings like Cookies, Favorites, History etc.,

  • It cleans up Mozilla Firefox settings like Cache, Cookies, History, Bookmarks etc.,

  • It cleans up Google Chrome settings like Cache, History, Download, Cookies, Bookmarks etc.,

  • It cleans up Opera settings like Cache, History, Sessions, Cookies etc.,

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 OS

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows XP (Home, MCE, Professional and Server edition, all service packs)

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