Simple Backup

CompuApps introduces Simple Backup application, which is the simplest and easiest backup and restore solution available for removable media. This application works with most types of digital camera storage including SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, SD Card and many other types of removable medias.

Simple Backup provides a reliable, proven technology for backup with ability to protect your valuable digital photo files and other valuable data along with the ability to restore files on demand and disaster recovery. The primary purpose is to restore data after its loss, be it by data deletion or corruption. Data loss can be a common experience of computer users.

Users can select specified options and to take Backup from multiple memory cards into External/Internal hard drives and anytime user can use the restore option to retrieve the valuable data and digital photos back.

Simple Backup

Simple Backup Features:

  • Support only for removable media to perform Backup.

  • Backup image can be restored on External/Internal hard drives or Digital media.

  • Offers Secure backup (Encrypted backup).

  • Password Protection for Backup file.

  • Selected file types to restore.

  • Search by modify date to restore option.

Supported Operating Systems include:

  • Windows XP

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows 7

Click here to download Simple Backup application:


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